The Christmas Scene of Dommartin


- Noah's Ark
- Abraham and his people returning from Egypt
- Moses and the tablets of the law
- The Prophet Elijah


- Egypt
- The castle of Herod
- Roman Palace or Roman Temple
- Mosque Semitic Arabic


- The barn (christmas scene)
- The Catholic chapel
- Temple Dommartin


- The windmill
- The watermill
- River
- The Forge
- The farm Vaud
- Castle Dommartin

Noah's Ark back to menu

Basic element of our Judeo-Christian society, she recalls the flood, God's anger toward men and the birth of a new world. The ark landed on Mount Ararat, Armenia, and Asia suggests.
The ark is made of cardboard, covered with adhesive tape so wooden Noah's son Shem, Ham and Japheth Playmobil snowmen are disguised by me and represent our ancestors at all; animals per couple (purchased), repopulate the ground. The kangaroos, a nod to Australia.

Abraham and his people returning from Egypt back to menu

Abraham, a great preacher in the 19th century BC. JC, known throughout the Middle East for being the first monotheist. Difficult to represent because it is known only by his thoughts. Like Moses before he went to Egypt voluntarily and returned. The peoples of the region were mostly nomads.
Abraham is also a Playmobil arranged by me, and its people, small figurines of Peruvian origin supplemented bags and other details for the event, representing the Americas, Egypt symbolizes Africa.

Moses and the tablets of the law back to menu

The appearance of Jews among Arabs Semites date of 1500 BC. Moses, in the 13th century BC, is known to all; there are many ways to represent to see how many stories in the Bible (the Golden Calf, burning bush, Sinai, Egypt, etc..). I preferred the Tables of the Law with the Ten Commandments which are not known, nor learned.
Moses is also a Playmobil dressed.

The Prophet Elijah back to menu

This is the 1st prophet announcing the coming of a savior, a Messiah, the birth of a king. (dress: Playmobil)

Egypt back to menu

Egypt, very influential in the history of the region is represented by a pyramid, an Obelisk, a Sphinx. It is placed voluntarily withdrawn, filigree, which are not really part of the scene, but inevitably present, also for Africa.
Pyramid Obelisk and painted cardboard, Sphinx and articles purchased and adapted.

The castle of Herod back to menu

Egypt, very influential in the history of the region is represented by a pyramid, an Obelisk, a Sphinx. It is placed voluntarily withdrawn, filigree, which are not really part of the scene, but inevitably present, also for Africa.
Pyramid Obelisk and painted cardboard, Sphinx and articles purchased and adapted.

Roman Palace or Roman Temple back to menu

It enshrines the power of Rome at that time, prevailing throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, Herod being one vassal. A golden bull is their polytheistic religion. For the nursery, I had a foot of Caesar's nose by making... tiny, with only two centurions! ...
This temple is fictional and is made from corrugated board of different thicknesses, wrapped and packaged Scotch coachbuilder for columns and capitals, painted by hand. The decorations are simple animal animals farm golden child.

Mosque Semitic Arabic back to menu

In fact, I had to build a palace Arab contemporary history but I decided to make a mosque! This monument is inspired by the Badshahi mosque in Lahore in Pakistan and represents very well the Arabs and Asia at the moment. The vast majority of Arabs became Muslim after Muhammad, circa 600 AD. They have the same Bible story we, Jesus being a prophet. Earlier in the region, all people were of Semitic origin Arabic descendants of Shem, son of Noah. These nomads have all come from Saudi Arabia. Among the Semitic Arabs, a minority was called Hebraists, polytheistic, they became the Hebrews much later. Only around 1500 BC qu'apparurent Jews.
I made this mosque after the attacks of September 11, 2001, in response to epidermal hunts witches ensued. One and a half billion men, women, and children can not be demonized to the point! As across all nations, and especially in all religions, there are unbelievers, extremists.
I've never had a negative reflection on the presence of the Mosque in the landscape of the crib, even with its minarets! For cons, I saw Muslims tear to the eye, seeing their prophets and their representation of place Prayer in the Temple of Dommartin. What emotion! A child does not choose where it is born, it undergoes religion of his parents.
The walls of the mosque are cardboard cutouts, trimmed with ribbons, silver chain curtains and painting with lime to the former. The minarets are based on empty rolls of paper, candles carved domes and ping-pong évidé large dome is a globe of light, and arrows made of Christmas decorations assemblies.

The barn (christmas scene) back to menu

Made in painted cardboard, pine branches, straw and hay, I have built on the model of my childhood.

The Catholic chapel back to menu

Only monument made clay pottery dried, uncooked, hand painted, using abandoned as too heavy, too fragile and too long to manufacture. It is inspired by the Leper Chapel in Kaysersberg and a chapel in the Lötschental.

Temple Dommartin back to menu

A scale of 1 / 80, I made cardboard pen, for walls and roof. This paper is covered with rock tiles with hand-drawn. The ridge tiles are pine needles, stained glass windows and transparent paper, frames and windows rods hand-drawn. It is Protestantism.

The windmill back to menu

It is dedicated to the Provence region of creches by excellence and area of my studies. It is that of Alphonse Daudet to think, humanist first hour.
Made of wood and cardboard, paper wings stuck on poles, small engine muffler leads overall.

The watermill back to menu

Reference to the Canton of Vaud and Jura, it can smoothly animate the landscape with the river.
It is cardboard for walls, wooden chopsticks and dawn. It is water, led by a small pump that makes it turn.

River back to menu

Without water, Earth would be very sad! The river with its bridges, its fishermen, its swans and water flowing nicely is very important for animation.
It is constructed from a bed, fine mesh, under which I placed in a bed with a fluorescent cardboard wreath Electrical and where I fixed a bed of plastic. The latter is covered with glue, which I asked gravel. The river bed is adjusted to the same form of wood placed on the ground, and it is a template that gives boards the inclination to run properly. This is the only building in the landscape that does not disassemble.

The Forge back to menu

Full details are in its charm, the tools being as flanges, washers, screws, hooks, etc.. Painted in black. The fire outbreak is a flickering light bulb with an opaque film set before. With its slate roof and smoke fiber glass, animals and characters, it always attracts the eyes of children.

The farm Vaud back to menu

This idea germinated in 2002, just before the Bicentennial of the Canton of Vaud in 1803. This farm is in Dommartin date this time, and belongs to my beautiful family for ages. It is produced mainly cardboard and various other small items, wide /80ième.

Castle Dommartin back to menu

Built for Christmas 2007, he proclaimed the anniversary of its forgotten inhabitants of 1100 years of the oldest mention of Dommartin village of 908. The castle no longer exists, there is a stump of the tower and some bits of walls scattered. Dommartin was an important capital in the Middle Ages and declined rapidly in the sixteenth century.
By studying the archives, archaeological surveys, other ruins most important castles of the thirteenth century, more details recounted in the stories of witch trials found the castle, I got to rebuild it should be, to the surprise of the inhabitants. In the model, it lacks the second enclosure with the fortified village, the divide the village and opened with the early church. It would have been too imposing in the landscape, so I built the citadel.
- Sagex grained for walls, walls and dungeon
- Corrugating roof
- Lime in the former and dispersing tinted finishes for
The boulders have been carved in styrofoam before painting.

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