Jean-Michel JUDLIN I was born April 10, 1959 in Colmar in Alsace (France), 4th in a family of 5 children. My father, Jean-Louis, headed the technical department of a large paper company in Kaysersberg corrugated cardboard, and my mother, Elizabeth, devoted himself to the education of their children after a short career as a medical assistant.

I lived all my childhood Kaysersberg, birthplace of Dr. Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace), also known for its Christmas market. I remain very attached to my Alsatian roots.

After an uneventful school, get my degree in mathematics and physics as the whole family. Plant biology fascinates me, but opportunities are rare at that time, another too theoretical orientation does not enchant me and so I move into my hobby always horticulture. But why, I must first obtain a diploma in agriculture. I find myself in a School of Agriculture and I caught up three years in a year to get that diploma.

Then, I got into the School of Horticulture in Antibes on the Cote d'Azur. I get a B.T.S. (Patent) in flower production. I refused, against the advice of my parents, to continue studies to become a horticultural engineer, the office did not interest me much.

A period of unemployment I am looking for work all over the place, even in countries bordering Alsace (Germany, Switzerland). So I arrive in Western Switzerland in late February 1981 at the dawn of my 22years. I got a job at Andréfleurs in Assens in the Gros de Vaud.

I started a nine and a half years to produce. After a year of versatility, I am appointed production manager of perennials and rock under the leadership of Dr. Raymond Loewer, head of cultures.
< br /> I'm in my own world, always out all the time, engrossed by the propagation, cultivation of these plants to the wholesale throughout the Romandie. Passionate, a collection of 600 species at the start, I exceed the 1,000 varieties in 1987 for a production of 700 000 cans. Garden centers, botanical gardens, the holidays are all breeding grounds for new plants to try, grow and market.

By chance, in November 1988, I agree to sing Mixed Choir "Sunflower" by Dommartin, where I met my future wife, Corinne Curchod, a native of this village. I sit in Dommartin May 15 1989.En 1990, two events radically changed my life: my marriage and my change of employer.

Andréfleurs being on the decline, mismanagement and marketing help, I lose all my wholesale customers in a anné decides to change his place of work.

It is a demanding client and full of character, Renée Guisan, niece of General Guisan, offering me to come keep up the great perennial garden that I designed and planted two years ago in its EMS Yverdon. I accept this proposal in mid-June and from 1 July 1990, I started at the Residence des Jardins de la Plaine Yverdon.

It is in this context that really starts my career and my pleasure to decorate, embellish, create, renew me. Ms. Guisan, a graduate art-deco, do not let me do anything. It is on the lookout for the slightest error in taste, balance of my accomplishments. Sometimes, with all respect, we take beaks for details, to general astonishment, but I still thank her for this enrichment and these continuing challenges. The routine had no place.

Having no budget is by dint of creative ideas, recovery of output in nature that I decorate the EMS pendant12 years. No celebration passes without an appropriate decoration: big bouquets, decorated entrance themes, arrangements of tables and so on. Of course, Christmas is not lacking in the rule, and my genes Alsatian give it to their heart.

In 1993 my first born son, Anthony, the second William in 1997. In 1998, I request the naturalization Switzerland I get very quickly by marriage, having met the conditions for many years.

In late 2001, again for management errors, the EMS is sold. The new director is sadly devoid of any humanity. The innovative idea in the early 90s, that a part of life quality in these schools, an idea fiercely defended and developed by Ms. Guisan, takes quite a blow. This is more than just profitability behind this establishment. He dismisses the end of 2002 when I "thanked" the way I do not need Guignard horticulture. (Reference to the famous pastry of Vaud) These words are always in my memory at that time, they hurt me deeply, 12 years of age and up to 14h a day of work to meet this little man. Now, I think it could not make me better compliment.

Thanks again to Ms. Guisan, I carry in my luggage, the work of 12 years of effort: the Christmas scenes. It was not until April 2003, I then 44 years old, I found a job: as a steward, a gardener, I start a new life in Castle Bioley-Magnoux for Mr. and Mrs. Sigwart, a cardiologist who developed stents. I am still today.

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